Fused Glass

Using a kiln to melt two or more pieces of glass into one single piece is what fused glass is all about. The new piece can be slumped, sagged, draped or bent either into or over a form. Glass can be cast, combed, fire polished, molded, twisted, cold-worked or manipulated. The creative possibilities are amazing!


Choose from hundreds of dazzling Glass Utopia jewelry pieces! One-of-a-kind gifts for someone (or yourself) can be custom designed for a personal touch.

Baubles & More

Baubles range from a variety of paperweights and castings to coasters, business card holders, blown-glass ornaments and lots of fun stuff created with lampworked beads. Let your imagination run wild!

Stained Glass

Traditional stained glass has an allure and beauty of its own. From the simplest sun catcher to the largest window, stained glass is tranquil, vibrant and mesmerizing at the same time. Its old-fashioned charm and modern applications offer a wide array of creative potential.